Relationship Management

Relationship Management includes every touchpoint with your clients, whether through your website, support services, ordering, product delivery, account management, sales or marketing. Often these functions are managed in silos, without looking at the total experience from your client’s perspective. Cambridge Woods Partners will help you make sure that experience is seamless.
While at Red Hat, Ms. Rohde led Operations, which won the CIO “Most Valued Vendor” four years running by defining the subscription model to lead with world class service.

Red Hat was one of the first in the industry to move software distribution online, which required a complex licensing model that recognized multiple client entities and their employees and could be managed by the client. She helped deepen client relationships with a deep understanding of their issues, supported by a services team that learned each client’s unique challenges.

Our Expertise

  • Client Communications
  • Client Profitability
  • Sales Force Design
  • Global Support Services
  • Channel Management & Support
  • Client Data Modeling
  • Organizational Alignments to Clients

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