As an executive, there is never enough of you to go around, so when special assignments  arise, you need a second “you”. We can help. With deep experience in all types of strategy, planning, go-to-market, risk assessment, operational expansion and project remediation, from market risk to pre- and post merger risks, Joanne Rohde of Cambridge Woods Partners has “been there, done that” and will help you and your team quickly meet your goals.


Because of thirty plus years’ experience at the top of multiple, highly complex and competitive industries, we work fast.
Our methodology starts with understanding your needs, and aiding you in articulating the problem.


After the first meeting, you’ll receive a written scope of the problem, the issues, and what you want to achieve.  We create a lightweight project plan that takes into account your deadline. We always  work fixed date / floating deliverable, so we can match your budget and schedule. Whether you need finance experts, marketing or PR professionals, or just number crunchers, Cambridge Woods Partners has carefully curated the best independents to pull together for projects. 

We are not trying to place a bench full of people on your payroll; just the opposite–just get just what you need quickly. Any successful project requires not only deliverables, but metrics and measurable goals. If we write a business plan for you, did it get the support of your direct reports? Did it get favorable feedback from your bosses or investors? Did your direct reports plans and deliveries dovetail into the plan? 

We will work with you to articulate measures of success, and deliver to them.


Operations and Technology are the backbone of your business and help you scale, but just as often become choke points to your growth. With 30 years scaling technologies and systems to support business growth, Cambridge Woods Partners can help deliver the scale you seek.

Relationship management includes every touchpoint with your clients, whether through your website, support services, ordering, product delivery, account management, sales or marketing. Often these functions are managed in silos, without looking at the total experience from your client’s perspective. Cambridge Woods Partners will help you make sure that experience is seamless.​

Your product and services are why your prospects sought you out and your clients purchased from you. How do you keep your products and services current and ahead of the competition? How do you set expectations when your clients want more than you can reasonably deliver? How do you price? Cambridge Woods Partners have created innovative business models and pricing to ensure your customers will buy, renew and purchase new products.​

Go-to-Market encompasses how you select your target markets and how you tell your story. What makes you unique? How can you differentiate from the noise? How do you engage prospects and customers meaningfully? How do you measure the success of your initiatives? Cambridge Woods Partners have developed meaningful go-to-market strategies that get you in front of your intended audience.​


Joanne Rohde, founder of Cambridge Woods Partners has over twenty years experience in both Commercial and Investment Banking at global powerhouse banks, managing everything from Institutional Banking relationships to Loan Review and Workout, Derivative and Bond Trading, Risk Management and Risk Systems, and Investment Banking. Since 2008 with the industry’s increased focus on risk, Cambridge Woods Partners can help financial firms meet regulatory requirements while continuing to grow their portfolios.
Change and uncertainty dominate the healthcare landscape today. Health systems have to adapt to the changes of moving towards population management, while the regulatory landscape is uncertain and revenues are under pressure. Insurance companies don’t know what kinds of plans they need to offer to meet in-flux regulations. And if you’re an IT company selling into this environment, you need to position your products so they offer a clear ROI despite these uncertainties. CWP has a deep understanding of CMS and reimbursement policies that will help you find focus and move forward through these uncertain times.
With experience from defining and helping build of the most revolutionary product and related services at Red Hat, to building successful products in both the FinTech and Health IT industries, Cambridge Woods Partners know what delivering successful software entails, from product definition, road maps and specification to roll-outs, support client interaction and pricing. We can help you make sure your software becomes an integral part of your client’s business and stays an innovative leader.

Joanne Rohde, on Knowing When to Get In, and to Get Out  

“You have to measure everything, even if you’re doing something that seems hard to measure at first


The Corner Office, the New York Times

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