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Your Product and Services are why your prospects sought you out and your clients purchased from you. How do you keep your products and services current and ahead of the competition? How do you set expectations when your clients want more than you can reasonably deliver? How do you price? Cambridge Woods Partners have created innovative business models and pricing to ensure your customers will buy, renew and purchase new products. The only constant in product management is unrelenting change; business model life-cycles are shorter and shorter. We can help you find new value in your product suite.

  • At UBS, Ms. Rohde helped develop the over-the-counter derivatives products for treasury clients to help manage foreign exchange services.
  • At Harris / Bank of Montreal, Ms. Rohde created the concept of Common Clearing, which allowed foreign banks and brokers to clear through Harris and access the US exchanges without establishing all the direct relationships.
  • At David Bruce and Company, she created best-in-class risk systems that allowed banks and brokers to manage their trading portfolios with appropriate oversight, garnering heavyweights like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley as customers.
  • At Red Hat, Ms Rohde helped define a software subscription for Open Source software, that is now the standard in the industry. This involved educating clients on open source software and making explicit all the benefits of the subscription. As time passed, the value of the subscription would increase so that renewals maintained a 95% renewal rate.
  • Axial Exchange was one of the first companies to offer mobile health tracking to patients, and one of the few that linked information to their health care professionals.

Our Expertise

  • Product Pricing
  • Services as Product
  • Minimal Viable Product
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Testing
  • Product Design
  • Agile Development

Case Study: Post Acute Care, Follow the Patient

Hospital risk losing millions of dollars due to new Medicare rules related to Comprehensive Care of Joint Replacement that monitor outcomes and total cost of care….

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