Go-to-Market encompasses how you select your target markets and how you tell your story. What makes you unique? How can you differentiate from the noise? How do you engage prospects and customers meaningfully? How do you measure the success of your initiatives? Cambridge Woods Partners have developed meaningful go-to-market strategies that get you in front of your intended audience.

Very few organizations have either the money or time to be all things to all people. Even the largest companies struggle with the “what do we stand for” question. With people’s attention spans becoming increasingly short and their inboxes and webpages inundated with noise, we can help you focus and get the attention you need.

At Axial Exchange, within two years of launching, the company had already carved a niche in “Patient Engagement” and was a regular expert. Meaningful content on changing health care policies led to 85% of all hospitals over 100 beds downloading whitepapers from their site. This in turn, led to targeted campaigns from sales based on the client’s’ specific needs. By the time an in person sales call was made, multiple sponsors had been identified, and specific ROIs were developed for each prospect that helped sell deals internally.

Our Expertise

  • Target Marketing
  • Solutions-based Marketing
  • Developing “Expert” Reputation
  • Hub Spot / Salesforce Integration
  • Assessing Sales Productivity
  • Evaluating Marketing Campaign Effectiveness
  • Creating Marketing / Sales Calendars around Themes
  • Converting Leads to Sales

Case Study: When Free Isn’t Free

How do you create a commercial model for open source software that is perceived as “free”?….

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