Joanne Rohde, brings 30 years of relevant experience growing companies that help change their industries. Joanne was named one of the Top 50 Influencers in Digital Health by Rock Health and Goldman Sachs, and featured in the New York Time’s influential Corner Office by Adam Bryant. Axial Exchange is revolutionizing the way that care is coordinated to help patients and clinicians manage the care of complex, chronically ill patients.

At Axial, Joanne led the company to national recognition, winning the HHS/ONC Transition of Care Contest, and being selected as a company to watch at Morgenthaler’s prestigious DC to VC Conference, while building a client roster of top-tier healthcare organizations. Selected to speak three year’s running at Health 2.0’s main conference, Axial is moving the industry to better healthcare outcomes by helping healthcare organizations engage meaningfully with their patients to create new and more successful care models. She writes regularly on the issues facing healthcare providers today.

Former COO and Director of Health IT Strategy of Red Hat, Ms. Rohde and her team created a new operational and service model that propelled Red Hat through the “J curve” of revenue growth from $100 to $500 million. During her tenure, Red Hat won the coveted “CIO Value Award” four years running. Red Hat made open source relevant to corporations and governments globally, and changed the software landscape forever, introducing concepts such as the subscription model that are now the mainstays of the software marketplace. As CIO of UBS Investment Banking IT, she oversaw a $1+ billion annual budget and 1,500 mission-critical systems, and helped globalize an industry that works on information and milliseconds.